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Common Hiring Mistakes And How To Avoid Them We’re all human. Therefore, we’re bound to make mistakes. When you’re a new manager, these mistakes can easily come back to bite you. You’re taking on a lot: you’re managing your team, you are recruiting, hiring, and training. With a workload like that, you’ve got an uphill battle. In any HR environment, there is always a lot of pressure to get it right the first time. Any missteps cost the company in more ways than you can count. Managers can be particularly susceptible to hiring mistakes because they are often the sole
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How Negative Employee Reviews Can Hurt Your Recruitment Effort Ratings and reviews are the insignias of our age: we all love to tell the world about the places we like to go, the things we like to do, the music we love, the sentiments we approve of. More importantly, we love to talk about what we don’t like about these things, whether it’s about how our meal tasted, what our sandwich looked like or how we were treated. Nothing is exempt, it seems. Restaurants, medical clinics, mechanics – they’re all fair game. We may feel good about supporting the businesses
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How to Negotiate Salary Without Asking About Salary Expectations Asking about salary history during the hiring process is actually illegal in some states. Not astonishingly, this means that when it comes time to make an offer, there might be some surprises. The need to get in line with the rules has, however, fueled some interesting and progressive initiatives from some of the world’s biggest companies. Amazon, for instance, is planning to hire in excess of 100K new employees this year to power up new locations in the United States. Hiring managers will not be asking for a previous salary, no
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How to Assess Soft Skills in the C-Suite In life sciences, the value of soft skills goes far beyond simply being able to get your point across. Knowing how to assess soft skills in the recruitment phase is essential to a successful process. In the c-suite, the ability to listen, empathize, and communicate with individuals from any department is key to any leader’s success as it encourages the kind of loyalty, respect, and transparency that are the hallmarks of any high-functioning team. But, even if your candidate is speaking the words, how do you really know that they can walk