Hiring Digital Health Professional in USA

by | Dec 24, 2021 | How to Manage Your Recruitments, Trends in Recruitment

Hiring Digital Health Professional in USA

When we consider the enormous potential and promise that digital healthcare holds for transforming healthcare and life science services, we realize that we are only scratching the surface. This will transform and enhance patient care globally.

Digital health’s objectives are numerous and varied: disease prevention, cost reduction in healthcare, medication customization based on patient needs, and assistance with monitoring and managing chronic conditions.

How To Recruit Digital Health Professionals?

The healthcare industry is constantly and actively pressed for innovation. Both patients and providers desire high-quality care at an affordable price. Technology and data have the potential to assist in bringing this vision to life.

Chronic disease management apps and products help providers cut costs and decrease the number of emergency room visits, doctor appointments, and hospital admissions required by patients. When it comes to recruiting, the best recruiter or headhunter in the USA is necessary.

Pact & Partners has specialized in transatlantic recruitment for over 30 years and is without a doubt the leading, top recruiter in digital health. We work to meet the unique needs of each client by strategically identifying and placing top executive talent who is a good fit for your organization.

Pact & Partners’ team of Healthcare IT Senior Recruiters, Software Sales Recruiters, and Research Associates has an in-depth understanding of the Healthcare IT industry and current job market, which distinguishes them as one of the best recruiters in digital Health. On a daily basis, we collaborate with executive management, hiring authorities, and human resource managers to fill open positions with top talent.

Where Can I Find Them?

Users can now monitor everything from reproductive health to sleep thanks to hardware and app developers. In the United States, changes and innovations in the healthcare industry are increasing the demand for healthcare IT professionals. While all industries are expected to grow at a 4% average rate, health care jobs, particularly those in digital health, are expected to grow at a 15% rate from 2019 to 2031.

Potential candidates or healthcare professionals are readily available online as it is growing to be a huge market of opportunities. In relevant industries, academia and new startups in digital health, there have been downpours of aspiring individuals who are looking to build their careers. As the demand is high, it is difficult to get hold of great candidates, as well as the top digital health companies.

How To Approach Them?

Historically, life sciences have been slow to embrace digitalization, clinging to time-honored practices. COVID-19 established that this approach was impeding its progress by stifling innovation and delaying the development of new solutions.

COVID-19 has placed a tremendous strain on the world’s healthcare system, which is understaffed, overburdened, and lacking the resources necessary to support the increasing number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

As a result, we’re looking to digital health companies to play a critical, albeit virtual, role in protecting those who are housebound. Recruiting agencies like ours are striving to become well-equipped in approaching these digital health companies with potential applicants as the market is huge at this time.

The Top Five Leading Healthtech Companies Seeking Digital Health Experts

GoHealth:GoHealth’s mission in Chicago, Illinois is to increase Americans’ access to healthcare. To accomplish this mission, they must recruit and develop exceptional people, which is why they place a premium on their team. They motivate employees to perform at their best by encouraging them to be creative and take calculated risks.

Ascension: Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization based in Austin, Texas, committed to transformation through innovation across the continuum of care. As the nation’s largest not-for-profit and Catholic health system, Ascension is committed to providing compassionate, personalized care to all, with a particular emphasis on the poor and most vulnerable.

Eden Health: Located in the heart of New York City, Eden Health offers straightforward, technology-enabled primary and mental health care that is sold directly to employers as an employee benefit. The Eden eHealth app, private clinics, and their offices provide clients with immediate access to care. Businesses that partner with us benefit from healthier workforces and increased productivity.

InterSystems: Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has been the information engine behind the world’s most important applications in healthcare, business, and government for more than 40 years. Our software products deliver advanced data management, integration, and analytics capabilities that are used on a daily basis by millions of people in more than 80 countries.

Kyruus: Founded in 2010, Kyruus offers a variety of data management solutions and products for hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and health plan providers. Because of its intuitive provider search, scheduling, health plan integration, and data management capabilities, the platform improves patient experiences by providing more visibility into where patients can receive the treatment they require and empowering providers to reach more patients.

What Should You Offer Them?

Digital health has risen to prominence as one of the country’s hottest industries, with venture capital pouring into the burgeoning sector and leading technology companies vying to “disrupt” healthcare. However, establishing a new career in this field can be challenging. The more intelligent and committed individuals working to overcome the inherent challenges of healthcare, the greater our collective impact will be.

While developing an effective resume/cover letter and honing your interviewing skills are critical for landing any job, preparing for an illustrious career can help you stand out. Success in any field requires significant effort, but the emotional payoff associated with healthcare technology is unmatched.

Companies should also look forward to offering attractive packages with a competitive salary, and additional bonuses and incentives. To make the package more fruitful, health benefits and paid time offs, sick leave days, mental health days may be offered. The possibility to work some days at home and ensure 401k or the basics will leave employees happier than others.

Finally, technological advancements have had a sizable impact on the entire healthcare industry. At Pact & Partners, we believe that experience and intuition add value. We take a hands-on approach to headhunting, mobilizing all of our resources, personally contacting our connections, and proactively matching your highly specific requirements with candidates who possess the exact experience, skill, and outlook you seek, as well as the points we mentioned above.

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