Medical Recruiting Strategies to Build a Strong Practice

by | Sep 1, 2022 | How to Manage Your Recruitments

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The medical staffing shortage is at a crisis stage, and according to industry insiders, it will only get worse. To build a successful medical practice, you need the right people in place, including clinicians, specialists, and front and back-office staff—and that requires a strong focus on medical recruiting strategies.

Finding and recruiting qualified medical staff can be difficult. It takes time and money to find suitable candidates, interview them, and make an offer they can’t refuse. But if you want your practice to thrive, it’s worth the investment.

10 Medical Recruiting Strategies to Build Your Practice

Here are ten actionable tips from top medical recruiters that you can use to improve your results!

  1. Debias your job posting
    Medical recruiting strategies are critical in today’s competitive hiring landscape. If you’re overly focused on education and experience or use discriminatory language in your job posting, some applicants might self-eliminate before you have a chance to meet them. Use plain language, avoid technical jargon and anything gender-focused, and talk about the skills necessary for the job. Understand what can be trained and what cannot be. Of course, certifications might be critical if you’re recruiting specialists, but that’s not always the case. Give candidates a reason to apply.
  2. Consider your culture
    Qualifications mean little if the candidate doesn’t fit in with your team. A good cultural fit helps your new hire settle in quickly and get productive faster. A positive and healthy work environment often impacts employee happiness much more than pay or benefits (although those are important too). Think about perks that might help them avoid burnout, such as flexible hours or remote work options, skills enhancement opportunities, or free wellness services.
  3. It’s a career—sell it like one!
    Successful medical recruiting strategies focus on the career aspect of the job. There are many opportunities for growth and advancement in the healthcare industry. Whether you are recruiting for an entry-level position or the executive suite, your incoming employee will want to know there is a path forward. Put these possibilities on the table immediately, and you’ll have their attention.
  4. Get the rest of your team involved
    Teams are stronger and more productive when each member feels like they are part of something bigger. Involve your stakeholders in the decision-making process to enhance your medical recruiting strategies and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Seek out candidates where they are
    Your candidates might not be looking at a job board, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Consider expanding your medical recruiting strategies to include job fairs, trade shows, and industry conferences. Schools are also great resources, and cultivating a relationship with educators and administrators gives you an avenue no job board could ever match.
  6. Think about where you want to be in the future
    You might need staff “right now,” but what will you need in the future? Envision your practice five or even ten years from now and consider what skills and specialties you might need to make that happen. Medical recruiting strategies should be ongoing, meaning you must always look for talent, even when there is no immediate need. The same goes for past candidates; keep interview notes and resumes on hand in case your needs change.
  7. Don’t do it halfway
    Avoiding hiring mistakes is critical. The best medical recruiting strategies support a step-by-step procedure that allows enough time to get to know each candidate and go through all necessary skills assessments and processes before making an offer. You might not have a dedicated hiring team, and we know how busy you are, but that doesn’t mean you should cut corners. Take your time, do your due diligence, and give each candidate the consideration they deserve.
  8. Soft skills are just as important!
    Degrees, certifications, and experience mean nothing if your new hire can’t communicate with patients, clients, or other team members. Healthcare is a collaborative environment, so put soft skills at the top of your must-haves. The better they can get along with others within the scope of your hectic practice, the smoother everything will go.
  9. Upgrade your technology
    A modernized work environment is a must if you want to attract the best and brightest. Nobody wants to be burdened by inefficient manual processes, so think about what you can do to make their jobs easier. Research all-in-one practice management tools that put every function and file in one place. With all the time and money you’ll save, you might even be able to hire more people and grow your practice!
  10. Assess your employer brand
    The best medical recruiting strategies start with a solid employer brand. How does your practice look to a potential employee? If you are having trouble recruiting new talent and have never considered this critical item, working with an experienced recruiter can help. Think of it as marketing, except you are selling the joys of working at your practice to potential employees.

We hope these medical recruiting strategies inspire you. Good luck in your recruiting journey! If you need help or support, reach out to set up a call today.

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