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Pact & Partners is Your Executive Search Partner

Results Focused

At Pact & Partners we are results-oriented. We thrive by performance and are driven by an eagerness to excel your recruitment needs. All this come to light in our exclusive process standards. The full life cycle of our missions are designed to offer optimized performance and longstanding achievements from all individuals you will recruit with our services.

Our process is comprised of seven phases

The drafting of a job description is a complex task. It should be a synthesis of various operational requirements, respecting strategic underlying principles, and an overall attempt to convey internal budget and culture to the reader. Preceding any search, we challenge the given job description with data analysis of equivalent recruitments in similar markets, salary surveys and target mapping. Before we begin the identification phase, we allow time to challenge our understanding of the specific recruitment. This capital phase enriches our relationship and our common understanding of your needs. We are your comprehensive recruiting firm, thus being your headhunters and your expert advisors.
Our proprietary SPECTRUM-CVs® phase make us undisputedly unique. In the first couple of weeks of the assignments we provide a choice of accurate real-life CVs from target profiles (not candidates yet) allowing you to give us your feedback long before it is too late to change or fine-tune our search. This is our Client’s most appreciated step. Through this process they can witness how the selection is taking shape from Day-1, and by the same token they can have a permanent view/control on its outcome.
Identifying the right people is one thing, attracting the best talents is another. We discuss the opportunity of joining your firm with the top professionals in your sector in spite of their busy schedules and numerous solicitations.
Selecting is without doubt the most critical phase. Our selection process is comprised of screening and assessing techniques including situational, motivational and behavioral-based discussions. Comprised of 2 to 3 rounds of interviews with our Recruiters and/or Partners. In addition to any specific professional demands you might have, we thoroughly analyze candidates’ backgrounds, question their technical skills, soft skills and motivation. We qualify the best fit for teams, and overall assess the Leadership that will add value to your firm.
Our understanding of your organization, its culture, challenges, opportunities you present and the interpersonal interactions, increase our understanding and ability to motivate the best candidate to join your company. Our 30 year trajectory and our sincere appreciation for the industry have made us expert storytellers. We assure you we believe in the industry we serve, take the time to know your strengths, and the career needs of our candidates. We pride ourselves on executing recruitments which are beneficial to both parties involved, therefore convincing a candidate is the simplest process for our headhunters.
Once you have made your choice on a preferred candidate and wish to make an offer, we intervene on your behalf to facilitate the finalization of the search process. We pursue our search efforts until the final formalization of the agreement, with the understanding that a back-up strategy needs to be implemented even at the last stages of a decision. In parallel, we perform reference checks for the candidates to challenge our own analysis and assumptions.
Long after you have appointed our candidate, we pursue our relation with both your firm and the professional you hired. In the first months, we discuss initial impressions, the candidate’s fit within the culture and the team, as well as any potential points to be discussed together. We will follow-up on our appointments for years because our most important Key Performance Indicator is the successful career of our candidates. We always track the results of our work, gaining feedback once a candidate is in the role, as well as gaining feedback from the clients. Such feedback is interpreted and implemented on future recruitments, making us a better firm with every executive search.
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